When it comes to writing music, there are songwriters and then there are storytellers. You can firmly place Scott Collins in the latter category, a man who’s not only extremely musically inclined, but also knows just how to tell a damn good story through song. There is a certain emotional depth to his music which makes it very easy to connect with Collins. His knack for storytelling helps in illustrating his authenticity, not only as an artist but also as an individual who has amassed a massive amount of knowledge and wisdom in his life.

If you’d like an example of his genuine approach, then look no further than to his brand new single “One Sick Man.” As with most of Collins’ songs, “One Sick Man” will grip you with its poignant sincerity and personal touch of which only certain songwriters are capable. In listening to the track, you know that it could only have come from one place; the heart.

Just as is the case with all of Collins’ songs, there’s a clever story behind the words and sentiment of “One Sick Man.” As the singer explains, “‘One Sick Man’ is a modern sea shanty about a sailor accused of witchcraft by a captain gone mad. And a crew lost at sea. It’s told through the perspective of the accused and imprisoned sailor.”

Collins’ impassioned, Americana storytelling has been a big hit for him in his hometown of Austin, Texas where last year the mayor declared January 31st “Scott Collins Day.” “One Sick Man” can be found on the singer’s latest EP Headed North, released on May 31st, five songs that illustrate his evolution as an artist. Featuring polished, well-refined production, Collins again teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer ChrisFrenchieSmith (Built To Spill, Dandy Warhols, Jet) who he had established a productive partnership with on his last EP titled Roadmaps. This time they were joined by multi-instrumentalist Einar Pedersen (The Fray, Kelly Clarkson) who only added to the creative possibilities that the three were capable of achieving. To capitalize on the hype surrounding Headed North, Collins has decided to do an EP release livestream show from his home studio on July 10th which you can access via his official Facebook page.

More than just a musician, Collins also generously offers his time as a teacher and mentor for children in the foster care system through an initiative called Kids In A New Groove and also volunteers with Heal Alliance for Austin Musicians and the SIMS Foundation which provides behavioural and mental health services for musicians. In taking all of this into consideration, there’s no denying that Scott Collins is not only just a great musician but also an even better person intent on connecting with others in a way that only he can.

Artwork for ‘Headed North’ by Scott Collins