Dark-pop artist Ashley Zarah’s new music video for her fan-favorite single, “My Boyfriend,” is a witty production that showcases Zarah’s sassy side, depicting Zarah rightfully standing up for herself in a relationship gone wrong. Written about an ex-relationship that was full of condescension, disdain, verbal abuse, and belittling, Zarah is gathering the nerve to say “no more.”

“People (myself included) have difficulty being sassy, witty, or biting toward someone who, let’s be honest, deserves to be shut down,” says Zarah. “This song gives people that chance. It lets them redo and reclaim moments when they were being walked over. This song empowers people to come together and proudly shout that they will not be belittled and they will scoff in the face of anyone who tries.”

Overall, “My Boyfriend” contains the brutally honest lyrics that Zarah is known for, set against her quintessential upbeat pop soundscape. The music video guarantees to bring all of this and more to light in its crafty visual production.

Child of sweat, adversity, and laughter; Ashley Zarah is an Iranian singer/songwriter and Dark-Pop performer hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Merging millennial pain and pop culture, she is convincing pop listeners to feel something real again, the way she felt during the emo wave in the early 2000s. As a young kid who struggled to find a group and culture to identify with, Zarah decided to invent a space of her own where all the beautifully complex were welcome; hence, the home of Dark-Pop. Its walls are riddled with lyrics and melodies that local scenes have called “captivating and chillingly astute”; each show an “overwhelmingly emotional experience from start to finish.” Needless to say, Zarah finds her fanbase growing each day.

Despite stemming from a background of non-musicians, there was no shortage of music in the house. Zarah was raised on artists ranging from Pink Floyd, Madonna, and Natalie Cole to Iranian stars such as Sima Bina, Dariush, and Haydeh. Scouting on her own, she would discover even more eclectic inspirations like Christina Aguilera, Linkin Park, The All-American Rejects, Justin Nozuka, and LIGHTS; all whom inspired her to pick up instruments and gear to perform the songs we hear today. While on scholarship at the highly prestigious art institution, Berklee College of Music, she revealed herself to be both a prolific writer and expressive vocalist; one that stood out from the hundreds of singer/songwriters on campus.

Her Middle-Eastern influenced 2-track single Awake (produced by New England’s Producer of the Year 2013 and 2018, Sean McLaughlin) is available now with both songs featured in the upcoming LA indie film, Back In the No.. Most recently released, “Like I Do” is a Pop-EDM/Dubstep collaboration with electronic producer MKBLV. It debuted on the world-renowned music editorial, The Hype Magazine followed by a feature on NPR’s Sound Opinions: “Buried Treasures” segment. Zarah’s highly anticipated project, the Better Mess LP, is currently in pre-production for release in the Fall of 2020; leading with fan-favorite, “My Boyfriend,” as its first single.

Artwork for “My Boyfriend” by Ashley Zarah

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