When shopping at big box stores for pet accessories, I have always felt the options leave a lot to be desired; the designs are often bland and limited to solid colors or clip-art images of dog bones, fish, and ‘insert lame image here.’ Some of us spend countless dollars filling our closets with band merchandise yet are often neglected the opportunity to have our pets represent those same groups. I was pleased to hear that Caninus Collars was releasing a hard rock-themed line of petware. Featuring iconic artwork from several hard rock staples, you’d be hard-pressed to find within their line a collar you wouldn’t be proud of your pet to wear. Let’s test-ride the official Mötley Crüe “Dr Feelgood” dog collar.

It goes without saying, style is one of the most important choices when making a decision on your pet’s future collar. You wouldn’t wear something ugly yourself, and you sure as hell wouldn’t buy something ugly for your pet; so where does Caninus Collars stand in line with other popular brands? The colors are bright and vibrant allowing for easy visibility when trying to connect a leash before our midday jog, or an evening stroll. While in the week that we’ve had this one we haven’t noticed any issues with fading, only time will tell how this fabric will stand against the sun.

Caninus Collars’ Official Mötley Crüe “Dr Feelgood” Dog Collar [Product Review]

For the money-conscious consumer, durability is an obvious key feature when shopping. While we have not had this collar for an extended period of time, my wife and I have been very pleased with how the collar has yet to show many signs of wear. With the hopes of combating years of wear and tear, the collars are made from thick, webbed nylon with easy care instructions. The brand’s website suggests several cleaning options including being dishwasher safe (bonus)! My final consideration when collar shopping is comfortability. Ensuring our pup, Cash stays comfortable is the most important factor, in my opinion. Comparing the Caninus collar to other big-name brands, I was thoroughly pleased with the padding they brandished and the contoured buckles that lay comfortably against your pet’s skin without snagging as they walk, as I’m sure Cash is too!

We replace our pets’ collars several times throughout their lives, why not dress them in style with the new durable music-friendly offerings from Caninus? With designs featuring several bands across rock/metal-related genres, there’s a variety of choices for you and your pets including collars, leashes, and keychains. I hope to see the brand continue to expand on its catalog and offer more punk options!

Caninus Collars Motley Crue Edition