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Daily Basis Envision a Post-Apocalyptic World if “Tomorrow Never Comes” [Video Premiere]



Please allow us to better acquaint you with an artist you’re now going to be listening to more regularly. Tommy Dearth is the man and mind behind Daily Basis, an alternative rock outfit that has been turning the heads of big shots such as Slash, and well-established bands like Powerman 5000. Under his Daily Basis alias, Dearth is unveiling the new music video for “Tomorrow Never Comes,” the clip for which presents a type of post-apocalyptic world where man is armed to the teeth and ready to do battle with one another if necessary. It’s nice to see an independent artist still putting effort into music videos in an age where they are often viewed as an afterthought.

Commenting on “Tomorrow Never Comes,” Dearth made sure to highlight how it’s somewhat of a new approach for him that he’s taken towards his music. “When I started writing ‘Tomorrow Never Comes,’ I was in search of a new sound for my music. At the time, I was making a change in my artist career and trying to find my new voice in music. This song is very special to me because it is the first track I had ever made in this newly found sound. For this song, I wanted to create a strong cinematic piece with an alternative sound; this was the amazing result. The lyrics talk about all of the dreams we have in our lives and that single moment when we realize we must make a difficult change in order to find the success we have been yearning for.

I decided to express this turning point as a metaphor for the end of the world. I took the imagery a step further with the music video by depicting ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ as a zombie apocalypse, with characters that are literally fighting for their own survival; similar to how we chase after our goals. The point of this song is that tomorrow might not hold a happy ending, but we continue to fight through the struggle.”

Dearth is practically a born musician, with a strong attraction to music that has remained ever since he was a child. He grew up extremely motivated towards developing his talent for music into a career with him starting a band already in middle school and then helping in staging concerts in his school. Dearth then moved on to study music business in college before he realized that he also had a talent for writing music, which is when the Daily Basis name was developed.

Daily Basis has quickly shot up the ranks, gaining opportunities to open for Slash and Guns N’ Roses. Along the way, he has also found time to get involved in the film and television industry, creating his own film production company that in cooperation with a music licensing company, endeavours to secure placements of songs in television shows. That’s not to mention his own acting career, appearing in films and television shows such as Dollface, Star Wars: The Mandalorian, The Masked Singer and NFL commercials.

If you’re in desperate need of some motivation, we’re guessing that void has been filled after learning about such a talented self-starter as Tommy Dearth.

Artwork for ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ by Daily Basis

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