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French Modern Metal Duo BEYOND REMAINS Get Very Loud in the “Silent City“ [Video Premiere]

It’s about to get extremely loud in the “Silent City.“ French modern metal duo Beyond Remains have come to town and brought with them the thundering premiere of their new music video. Headbanging is encouraged.



Welcome to the “Silent City.“ We hope you enjoy your stay. Make sure you don’t make a sound or you may be asked to leave. Headbanging is however very much accepted and encouraged. This city happens to be located in the world of Beyond Remains, a French modern metal duo who are pleased to debut their brand new single and music video “Silent City.“ The song is lifted from their new album After The Violence which follows their July 2019 self-released album Unleash The Violence.

Their debut was a long time coming since the French duo’s official formation in 2014. But it was well worth the wait with the guys coming up with something well beyond their years, creatively speaking. The follow-up, After The Violence, is a concept mini-album, serving up six very different songs that widen the spectrum of their musical palette. Even though After The Violence is rooted in metalcore and thrash, it also doesn’t shy away from rock, classical and acoustic influences. Not content to just release an album, Beyond Remains has made the decision to release a music video for all six tracks contained on After The Violence, with “Silent City“ the latest to be released.

Although they began as a proper band, Beyond Remains are now a duo, led by Max and Pierre who oversee the entire direction of this musical entity. After running through several different members that just didn’t quite fit in, they decided to release music as a duo which has served them well creatively. The band initially emerged in 2014 with the goal of creating strong, artistically inspiring music and after a few years searching for an artistic identity, they settled on a modern metal, progressive metal, and djent sound.

It doesn’t sound too silent here but we’re happy to go with it and the new music video for “Silent City.“

Despite widening their musical influences, they very much remain a metal band that thrives on creating aggressive music. This aggressive, straight forward sound translates well to the stage with their shows well known for how rowdy they can get. Max and Pierre are currently writing new riffs and songs with the goal of releasing a new full-length record due out later this year. We shall await that release with bated breath.

Your new single is titled “Silent City” and it’s from your latest album After The Violence. Give us the inside story on how this song was written.

Max: “Yes exactly! This song was initially written for our second full-length album. During the production of After The Violence, we thought ‘Silent City’ would make a good transition between After The Violence and this second studio album to come.”

Would you say “Silent City” is reflective of how the entire After The Violence album sounds? Or does it offer something different?

Max: “Not really (laughs)! ‘Silent City’ is not representative at all. It’s reflecting of the new production to come. After The Violence is an exercise in style. Throughout this album, we worked on different styles of music that influence us outside metal: southern rock, ballad, acoustic, ‘80s electro style, piano version.”

That’s a very cool logo… Check out the official artwork for After The Violence:

After The Violence is the follow up to last year’s Unleash The Violence. Is this album linked conceptually with your last album? Would you say it’s some sort of thematic continuation?

Max: “Yes it is! In After The Violence we’ve covered 6 songs of Unleash The Violence, so both albums are linked together. It’s not really a thematic continuation. We would say it’s rather a stylistic continuation. After The Violence will allow us to provide our new productions with many new influences and take the Beyond Remains touch to a whole new level.”

For all six tracks that appear on After The Violence, you are releasing a new video for each one every week. How did the idea to do a video for each song come about?

Max: “More precisely, we will release a new video every first Friday of each month for the next 6 months to come. We (especially Pierre) love music video and we love the idea of binding music and picture together to catch the viewer’s attention. For us, each song has to possess its own visual identity.”

After some lineup changes, you decided to keep Beyond Remains just a duo. Why go with just with the duo and not fill out the lineup to create a full-fledged band? What made being a duo attractive to you?

Max: “Since the debut of Beyond Remains, we’ve always stuck together. After the departure of Ben (bass) and Vincent (2nd guitar), we have worked so fast and intensively that we couldn’t even consider adding a new member to the team for the time being. As for today, Max practiced his vocals skills and Pierre practiced his bass skills and now Pierre switches between bass and guitar during the shows. It allows us to arrange our live set at will with samples. Therefore, we work exclusively with a clic track and that’s why we are very challenging with ourselves and with our working partners.”

Time to “Unleash The Violence.” Watch the music video for the title track to the duo’s last album:

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