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ALL TIME LOW Were Anything But “Some Kind of Disaster” at Harrisburg, PA’s Club XL [Photos & Show Review]

Club XL saw the largest crowd it’s seen to date, and All Time Low certainly delivered an energized and memorable show. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania fans were very grateful, to say the least.



All Time Low at Club XL (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) on February 1, 2020

Giving Club XL the largest crowd it’s seen to date, All Time Low counted Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in for an energized show. Harrisburg University has been making a change to the music scene in the city by introducing some bigger names that don’t tend to reach our small area. Luckily, the Maryland natives took the university up on their offer and played an unforgettable show. The venue was packed from front to back, full of fans that travelled from places as far and wide as California, Florida, New York, and more.

After filing through a line that wrapped the whole way around the building, fans were eager as they took their places inside the crowded venue. Due to the high volume of people attending the event, the show ended up having a later start than planned, but it was well worth the wait. The lights dimmed and the crowd went wild as they excitedly yelled the band’s name over and over again. All Time Low stormed the stage and started the show off with one of their older hits “Weightless” from the album Nothing’s Personal. Fans were pouring over the barricade almost immediately after the song began. The energy they emitted radiated back onto the crowd and the roaring screams could most likely be heard from outside of the venue. I was super impressed with how good they sounded, as well as how well they performed. As my first time photographing them, they were a ton of fun and I would definitely do it again.

This is “Some Kind of Disaster.” Check out the band’s recently-released new music video:

All Time Low played a couple of throwback songs as well as some newer ones which was pleasing for both old school and more recent fans of the band. The group even introduced an unreleased song called “Getaway Green” to which those in attendance were already able to recite the lyrics. During the show, they also introduced their newest member Dan Swank who will be accompanying them from here on out and everyone warmly welcomed him. The group expressed their gratitude for their fans and for all of the love they’ve been receiving from their newest track “Some Kind Of Disaster”. With the release of this new song, fans seemed to think that they may be going back to their original sound with a bit of a fresh, new twist. Overall, I and many others were very pleased with the new track and will be looking forward to the next album.

As the night came to an end, All Time Low gave a disclaimer that they wouldn’t be doing an encore because they wouldn’t be able to top their last song and went right into their banger “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” Everyone in the crowd charged towards the stage and sang along with every ounce of energy they had left. This was definitely a show to remember and I’m looking forward to the next time I can see them again.

Watch the music video for “Afterglow,” from All Time Low’s last album Last Young Renegade:

“Some Kind of Disaster” was released on January 21st, 2020: