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Sloppy Seconds – “Live – No Time For Tuning” (Reissue) [Album Review]

If you have never had the opportunity to catch Sloppy Seconds live, this Live – No Time For Tuning reissue via Failure Records & Tapes is close enough to the real deal. 35 years of Junk Rock goes on!



Three chords, major chord pop, anti – p.c. humor, Elvira, greasy pizza, cheap beer, The Ramones catalog, and Nina Hartley is a good starting point to describe the legacy of Indianapolis junkers, Sloppy Seconds. Along with The Meatmen, Sloppy Seconds are catalysts in the Midwest-bred punk rock world who thrived on absurdity and shock rocking. No doubt, The Meatmen took it to more extreme levels with songs about berating disabled kids, the joys of methamphetamine, and killing the Pope, among others. Sloppy’s songwriting is equally nihilistic, just more toned down, and presented in a fun way. Check out their ode to porn’s infamous underage case on “Come Back, Traci” on the Destroyed album; you’ll get it. They’ve also been a band who’ve never taken themselves too seriously, while at the same time taking themselves seriously.

In the big picture of Mid-western punk, Sloppy Seconds is overlooked and underappreciated. While they were late to the party when the first wave of punk groups from America’s heartland formed, it didn’t dissuade them, and they’ve abided by their terms on how they run business. Sloppy’s a fun band, the videos of their 2019 main stage gig at Punk Rock Bowling, and the album Live – No Time For Tuning states just that. Live – No Time for Tuning was initially released 24 years ago via different labels and is finally getting the vinyl treatment in 2020 by way of their hometown Failure Records & Tapes. Long overdue, but better late than never.

Check out the video for Sloppy Seconds’ tune “Fifteen Minutes…Or It’s Free”:

Like their heroes, Kiss, the album starts in true Alive fashion with roaring cheers (or jeers, depending on if you were there or not) from their hometown. Comprised mostly of material from the Destroyed and Knock Yer Block Off LPs, Sloppy lifer, BA (vocals) leads the raucous crowd through these cuts “I Don’t Wanna Be A Homosexual,” “The Horror of Party Beach,” “Veronica,” and “Runnin’ From The CIA.” Being that this LP was recorded in the post-Dr. Roadkill era, Ace “Spice” Hardware mans the position and turns their pop sensibility sound on the studio albums into a rusted chainsaw sound live. Throughout this album, the band holds tight by their other lifer brothers Bo’Ba Jam (bass) and Steve Sloppy (drums).

Physical music still matters in the age up soon to be 5G. If you have never had the opportunity to catch Sloppy Seconds live, this reissue is close enough to the real deal. Failure Records & Tapes does a great job releasing this long out of print live record from a hometown favorite. 35 years of Junk Rock goes on!

Sloppy Seconds Live from Punk Rock Bowling 2019:

Live – No Time For Tuning Track Listing:

01. I Don’t Wanna Be A Homosexual
02. Mighty Heroes
03. Come Back Traci
04. Human Waste
05. Veronica
06. The Horror Of Party Beach
07. The Men
08. Lynchtown U.S.A.
09. Steal Your Beer
10. Can’t Slow Down
11. The Candyman
12. The Pop My Dick Song
13. Queen Of Outer Space
14. I Want ‘Em Dead
15. Take You Home
16. Ice Cream Man
17. So Fucked Up
18. Germany
19. The Kids Are All Drunk
20. Runnin From The C.I.A.
21. Sorry, Dude

Run Time: 46:17
Release Date: February 7, 2020
Record Label: Failure Records & Tapes