Turn back the clock with singer-songwriter Beth Keeping’s latest single, “San Francisco”. The post – summer track acts as a musical diary entry as the London songstress reminisces about a whirlwind romance with a love interest from the song’s titular location. The nostalgic tune evokes a deep yearning for yesteryear’s loves, romances, (and flings!) whilst unpacking the universal feeling of heartbreak over infectious and delicious pop melodies. Keeping’s whispery, sultry voice captures the light, giddy feeling of blossoming infatuation whilst fresh, poppy beats invigorate the record with a dream-like vibe. The song is hard to listen to merely once and as it mimics the anecdotal and teeny-bopper style of a young Taylor Swift. In other words, it’s a must-add to your break-up, love song, and afternoon drive playlists! The track is a genuine account of what we feel all too well: regret and pain over missed opportunities and unexpressed feelings as it relates to past romantic interests. How comforting is it to know that we’re not the only ones who wonder what could have been. Keeping says that, “I want to write about real situations, to create music that makes people breathe a sigh of relief and say ‘Thank goodness, I thought it was only me who felt that way’. Valuing honesty and realness in my writing style is key – it’s important to me that my music recognises and deals with both the fun and the difficult times of life.” Beth Keeping’s honest lyrics and swoon-worthy vocals have cemented her as an artist to watch in the U.K. music industry. Interestingly, she’s followed a similar career blueprint to country star-turned-pop mega icon, Taylor Swift. A lover of country music, she recorded her debut EP, Fool, in Nashville, the capital of country music. Now, she’s marrying her love for country music storytelling with pop melodies to create her flirty signature sound. We can’t wait for Beth Keeping to keep churning out more pop anthems – but until then, parting is such sweet sorrow…
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