Nashville-based rock/pop band, Damsel and Distress will release their latest single, “Untied” on Friday, March 29th, and celebration of the upcoming tune, we’re debuting it early! The new track follows February 8th’s debut song release, “Not Your Type” and, much like its predecessor, showcases this budding band’s powerhouse vocals from front woman Alisha Lynn.

With the right amount of strength and feminine grit, Damsel and Distress began their musical quest in August of 2017 by immediately touring. Word spread quickly in the local circuit and within a year the group was opening for guitarist and singer-songwriter Zane Carney. Soon thereafter they started to work on new music with producer Trinidad Sanchez III resulting in the above-mentioned songs. Rounded out by Chris Dunkley (guitar), Aaron Muckala (bass), and Ben Gager (drums), Damsel and Distress’ immediate future looks very bright and we encourage you to further scope them out online.

Damsel and Distress’s latest single, “Untied”, can be heard today, but drops Friday.

Commenting exclusively on her band’s newest tune, front woman Alisha Lynn noted:

“The song shakes my core when I sing it out at shows. I can’t even try to stand still—it’s all about getting out what’s been held in for too long, and it’s just full of raw emotion. It stems from the desire to be finally freed or ‘untied’ from an ex-lover that you just can’t shake. Whenever we play it live, it seems to resonate in the sense that many can relate. I guess there’s far-too-needy people all around us. Be careful out there.”

As we already mentioned, the band’s previous single was “Not Your Type”. Here’s a live video version of that jam.


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