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We Anxiously Searched “All Dark Rooms” for BATHER’s Metallic New Music Video [Exclusive Premiere]

When we discovered Columbus, Ohio quintet, Bather, a just-got-out-of-a-steamy-shower-and-still-feel-dirty kind of metal band, we were all about their business. Check our premiere of the video for their debut single, ”All Dark Rooms”, out now via Appalachian Noise Records.



Our fave things are new music, and dirty music. When you combine the two, it’s even better. So, when we discovered Columbus, Ohio quintet, Bather, a just-got-out-of-a-steamy-shower-and-still-feel-dirty kind of metal band, we were all about their business. Their debut single, ”All Dark Rooms” (and we mean debut, like first-ever), is already out on major streaming services via Appalachian Noise Records but, today, Friday, February 22nd, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the song’s accompanying music video. Lifted from the group’s upcoming self-titled which drops at the end of March, check the supple sounds above, and get your order on here.

Speaking of the tune, the dudes kindly shared the following: “This is the video for our single ‘All Dark Rooms’ from the self-titled Bather record coming out in April on Appalachian Noise Records. The video was filmed by Ethan Martin at Daily Grind Productions in Columbus Ohio and edited by Nicky Richter of Bather. We chose this song for the first release due to its nature. It covers a lot of different elements that occur on this release. The video itself was shot to reflect its meaning and present a dark, frantic feeling.”

Since Bather are so new, we used Q&A to get down to the brass tacks of who they are.

Your music is so damn dirty. Do you find it ironic that your band is called “Bather,” implying some form of cleanliness?
Mike White: That all depends what you’re bathing in now doesn’t it…?

Jokes aside, where did you guys actually conjure up the name “Bather”? Give us the scoop.
White: So, the name Bather comes from a set of paintings called Musidora: The Bather ‘At the Doubtful Breeze Alarmed” by William Etty. These illustrate a scene from James Thomson’s 1727 poem “Summer” in which a young man accidentally sees a woman bathing naked, and is torn between his desire to look and his knowledge that he ought to look away.

The cover artwork for the “All Dark Rooms” single .

For those new to the band, how did it come to fruition? Drunk dudes at a bar bonding over similar tunes, or something more random?
White: Bather is actually a continuance of a previous band called Forest Wars.

Talk to us about the writing and recording of the new album. How did it all go down? Where’d you write and record, have any help, how’d you finance it?
White: Everything had been written either in Columbus where we practice or in Chillicothe where most of the band is from. Guitar riffs get brought to practice and we try to jam it organically with drums and discuss the direction of each song. A few were tossed and a few had been changed a week or two before recording. We had the chance to do a live pre-pro session at Daily Grind and that helped immensely with getting a full understanding of things to be changed or parts to be cut/added.

The final process was recorded/mixed with Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording in Chicago. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience there. As far as financing the album, we funded it all ourselves.

“All Dark Rooms” is your lead single, and first video. But what does the song discuss? Tell us about this, “Dark Room.”
White: “All Dark Rooms” is about severe anxiety and paranoia. Everything is out to get you and you can’t escape. “I think the earth is trying to kill me.”

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