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Toronto’s indie rock quartet, The High Loves are raising “Serotonin” levels with a free download of their pulsing single of the same name. The group come equipped with the mission of getting you excited about rock music, especially in a live setting. At the root of their sound is an ability to take classic songwriting and perform it in a way that’s genuine; not overproduced or gimmicky, but in a raw and genuine fashion.

Their style is a mix of old and new, retro and modern and everything in between. Composed of lead singer Noah Monckton, drummer Mathieu Landry, bassist Matt Bawtinheimer, and lead guitarist Marko Stojanovic, The High Loves compose lyrics that are inspired by the lifestyles of the band members. Just a total what you see is what you get approach. For fans of alternative rock eager to hear something new and interesting, The High Loves may provide some excitement for you… be sure to grab the free high quality download and check out the full Serotonin EP on Bandcamp (it dropped on November 17th, 2018).

Commenting on their “Serotonin” single, Noah stated, “‘Serotonin’ was the first song I wrote with this new project in mind. It was a beginning point for the band and it seems fitting to release it as the first single.”

Oh, and if you be wanting more, here’s the full EP stream.