Hailing from Philly and Providence, Rhode Island, Thrillchaser are an alt/pop trio who recently dropped their debut album in February of this year, and, just last month, followed that up with a standalone single. For this segment of our Women of Rock series, we are happy to have Nikki Zell – whose vox and guitar efforts are vital to Thrillchaser’s sleek and approachable pop sound – join us to list five female icons, along with a handpicked song, who have inspired her as a woman and as an artist.

Thrillchaser’s debut album, A Lot Like Love.

01. Nico (Cologne, DEU)
Genres: Avante Garde, Art Rock
Links: Facebook

Nico was one of the original women who laid the groundwork at the start of the classic rock era. She became a cult icon in the ‘60s as a solo artist and member of The Velvet Underground. She worked among the greats of that time including Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Page, Jim Morrison, and more. Nico’s artistry, and the legacy she left behind, has always fascinated me.

“These Days” are always made better by a listen to Nico’s classic performance.

02. Heart (Seattle, WA)
Genres: Rock, Hard Rock
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– This wouldn’t be a proper list if I didn’t include Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart. From an early age, I grew up listening to my dad’s collection of Heart records. So much female empowerment, defiance, and soul in one band. Their music epitomizes the tenacity of the female spirit. I chose “Barracuda” as the featured song because of the meaning behind it.

The ultimate f-you to all the music business ‘barracudas’ out there.

03. Stevie Nicks (Phoenix, AZ)
Genres: Rock
Links: Facebook, Twitter

Stevie Nicks. What else is there to say? This woman is a goddess of rock. She changed the game for women everywhere. She will forever be one of the most empowering female artists to ever walk the earth.

Sounds like she’s singing the “Edge of Seventeen”.

04. Gwen Stefani (Fullerton, CA)
Genres: Pop, Ska, R&B
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– I was lucky enough to actually grow up in the generation when Gwen Stefani started taking over the world. She is one of my earliest inspirations as a singer, songwriter, performer and full-time badass. And. for more than obvious reasons, it’s obligatory that I chose “Just a Girl” as the featured song.

The emblematic, inspiring, universally revered anthem written by “Just a Girl”.

05. Haim (Los Angeles, CA)
Genres: Pop, Indie Rock
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– These sisters are a breath of fresh air in the current music climate. A perfect blend of timeless classic rock mixed with a modern sound that is completely their own.

I have “Something To Tell You”: Haim is amazing.

Thanks, Nikki! That’s it for another Women of Rock. We’ll let Nikki close this one out in her own words, “All of these incredible ladies make me so psyched to be a female in music! Proof that we as women have and will continue to rock the world”.

Never “Quit It!”, Nikki, and we’ll check out Thrillchaser’s standalone single, released August 31st.