“Look at this place, it’s soooo fuckin’ cool!” laughs Cailin Russo, vocalist for California indie quartet Russo.

We’re in the Church in Leeds, a venue that, quite literally, is a church and she’s right. As night falls on Leeds, the lighting illuminates an impressive stained glass window above the band creating for an almost eerie feel. As for the band well, despite the cramped stage, they’re quickly into full flow rocking through the pumping “Loudmouth” and set closer “Bad Friends” with guitarist Tyler Mccarthy in particular totally immersed in the music he is part of.

Get your groove on with the awesome “Loudmouth” from Russo

By the times Manchester band PINS take to the stage, the venue is filling up nicely and it’s obvious that the girls are a big draw. Almost hypnotic to watch, vocalist Faith gyrates around her mic stand while her bandmates stand pretty much rooted to their space, chucking out their distortion drenched indie to a crowd who were hooked from the outset.

Black Honey are so happy to be here and it’s easy to see why. The noise that goes up as the unsigned band stride out onto the stage is impressive to say the least almost as much as the sound of anonymous voices calling out of the smoky darkness for their favourite songs. Black Honey are part disco, part glitz, part pop, part indie, part grunge which, when stirred together in a dark room, makes for an impressive musical cocktail.

We’re sure you’ll “Dig” this video from Black Honey as much as we do!

The likes of “Someone Better” get inside your head as does “Spinning Wheel” and, with their debut album still hot on the shelves, vocalist Izzy B promises much more to come from the band. As their set progresses, you’ll find it becoming harder to disagree with her so, take our advice, if you’re given the chance to check this band out, jump at it now because, once the rest of the music scene catches onto their pulsating disco/indie brilliance, there will be no stopping them.


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