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Havok (w/ Jungle Rot, Extinction A.D., Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre) @ Reggie’s Live (Chicago, IL) on July 24, 2018 [Photos & Review]

Reggie’s Live in Chicago is well known for the wide variety of performances, but specifically for supporting the death, speed and thrash metal scenes. We hit the venue for Havok’s North American tour supported by Bloodletter, Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre, Extinction A.D. and Jungle Rot.



Chicago’s own Bloodletter was the opener to this thrash metal tour. As they state: “they are out to teach lowly sinners thrash is here to stay.” Relying heavily on the death metal, this band is young but shows promise. They spent over a year working on their debut LP, Under the Dark Mark, which is filled with melodic chords and aggressive playing. Looking like your next door neighbours, one is surprised when they rip it open with strong guttural vocals by Peter Carparelli accompanied by melodic chords, working to get the audience prepared for an evening of thrash.

Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre, what can I say? These Chicago locals throw a mix of pop culture, pro-wrestling, and in-your-face comedy into the blender for their show. What this Metal Mistress found amusing was the mosh pit remained pretty quiet until they played as vocalist, Macho Frost, called it: “The Dick Song”, then it went full blown ape-shit! As the second band of night, Texas Toast did a great job getting the crowd moving and enjoying things. The drummer is very talented with great technical skills, however, it was announced it was his last show (insert frown-y face here). My personal favorite song was “Space Sluts”.

I have noticed a trend in thrash and death metal bands in which young bands (length playing together not age – don’t get your panties in a wad yet, folks!) focus heavily on gimmicks and theatrics until they get some seasoning under them and increase their technical ability, which usually results in a dramatic change in their style (this excludes bands who incorporate both such as GWAR). I am hoping that Texas Toast becomes one in which they incorporate both as they were a helluva lot of fun.

Extinction A.D. is out promoting their second album, Decimation Treaty, and was the heavy hitter of the night, knocking you upside the head to get your ass moving and head banging. Speed riffs, fast drums and heavy throaty screaming all filled the room with palpable thrash metal energy. Extinction A.D. is a must-see live band to appreciate their primal performance. The album is great but does not compare to their live show. And ladies, these guys are super hot!

Watch Havok’s “Intention To Deceive” video here.

Jungle Rot is a group I highly suggest checking out. Their performance was what I would consider the best of evening. Loved the low end on their songs. Very old skool thrash metal, lots of hostility riffs that would rip your face off!

All that said, Havok was worth the wait. Their technical dexterity makes them even more kick ass to hear live. The cadence of the music will surprise those new to Havok. One minute there is a super speed riff that melts into a slow deep lull of technical skill. It is clear this band enjoys playing together. Their natural energy feeds the audience, creating a vortex of moving bodies in the pit. If you have not seen Havok perform, think a heavier, more thrash Suicidal Tendencies. Be sure to check out their recent album Conformicide!

All the bands of the night gave high-energy kick ass performances, steadily increasing the crowd’s energy to a crashing thrash crescendo by Havok at the end. Reggie’s continues to provide quality metal to the local head bangers.

Review by: The Metal Mistress: Simone