Vancouver, BC is home to Catlow, a group with a varied slew of influences ranging from jazz and experimental to new wave and hip-hop, culminating in a unique and catchy breed of lighthearted indie alt-rock. Led by the illustrious vocals of lead singer Natasha Thirsk (formerly of The Dirtmitts) and Jay Slye’s groovy guitar licks, the band are stoked to confirm the June 8th release of their forthcoming fourth studio recording, Main of Nowhere, via File Under: Music. (And before you ask, yes, you happy fans can get your pre-order game on here.)

As is often the case, the album announcement is accompanied by a delicious sampling of the new music; in this instance, with a video for the lead single “Scrapes”. Oh, happy times!

Commenting on the song and video, Catlow said:

“Scrapes on your heart. Sometimes you do stupid things in love, or the thought of being in love. Sometimes you let people hurt you knowingly. Some people put you on the back burner and when they decide to come around, you still let them back into your heart. Lovely words and ugly words exchanged in passion. You always end up the other side with Scrapes on your heart. Whether by your choice to leave or someone else’s. They will all have an effect on how you love in the future. Better or not. That’s human.”

Kaayla Whachell of Nakasone Folk added her two cents on the video: “The video was shot at Golden Ears Lake. The inspiration came from mixing ethereal images to embody a young couples relationship.”


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