The Montreal-based hard rock quartet Special Ops continue to support their recent (and rad) release, Baby Take It All, and after so end-of-year 2017 touring, decided to send us a TOP 10 list with some personalised road survival tips. Head below to read more and check out a free download of the single “Baby Take It All”.

Baby Take It All is the band’s eighth EP and was self-produced. It features mixing by Darius Szezepaniak (Sum 41, Big Sugar, Sacrifice) and mastering by Kevin Jardine (Slaves On Dope).

01. Teamwork
– Always try to find an excuse to not have to lift Wally’s ancient bass cabinet up the stairs (roadies included!).

02. Parking
– Put drum sticks on the dash board to park the van in handicap spaces. It works! (most of the time at least.)

03. Relaxation
– Portable kiddie pool for pop up hot tub parties, preferably Ninja Turtle designs, dish soap for cheep bubbles!

04. Nutrition
– French fries on tour can stay fresh for over a week in the van. Always convenient when you cant do a pit stop cause Weka slept in too long and your running late to the next gig.

05. Sleep
– Do not share a bunk with BW! his initials are B.W think about it, you will wake up soggy, just sayin’.

06. Loved Ones
Kadaver is always trying to convince the merch girl to come back to the hotel room with him. Only to realize later that she is his girlfriend.

07. Technology
– A GPS that actually works, so you don’t get a surprise phone data bill when you get in. Oh and if it belonged to Wally, please update that shit, cause you know he never did cause he likes to argue with it.

08. Preparedness
– Always make sure you have a Gas canister that closes properly and make sure there is some gas in it because you will get lost from not updating Wallys GPS and you will get a buzz in the van from the fumes, not fun if half your the band are chain smokers!

09. Communication
– Ear plugs are crucial! not for the shows but when you’re in the van or hotel room and all you hear is Wally and Johnson arguing about why Wally needs to give up the 2 ton 70s gear!

10. Hydratation
– Always make sure you have a fresh 24 in the van for the after party, hotels never seem to have it available by the case for bands for some reason.

11. Leadership
– Were throwing this one in as an extra – Have a designated Tour Manager and never ever allow Wally to drive if you want to ever get there!

You’ll likely love the band’s rump-shaking video for “Baby Take It All”.


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