I wouldn’t describe myself as a particularly dedicated Faster Pussycat fan. They are curious band from the mid-1980s hair-metal era I paid little attention to, but wound up back-tracking on after lead vocalist / guitarist Taime Downe started working with Pigface, and resurrected Faster Pussycat as more of an industrial rock band.

Downe, along with Xristian Simon, Danny Nordahl, Chad Stewart and Ace Von Johnson are out on the road now as Faster Pussycat, servicing material from the four studio Faster Pussycat albums – dropping in a few choice cover songs each evening.

There were some sound challenges this evening, most apparent during “Jack the Bastard” and “Cathouse”, smoothed over by the time “Slip of the Tongue” was being performed. It was cool to hear “Bathroom Wall” and “Babylon”, songs that are over 30 years old now. We got a bonus getting to hear a Social Distortion cover of “Bad Luck” sung buy guitarist Ace Von Johnson. And the Supersuckers cover of “Pretty Fucked Up” was equally entertaining.

Local acts Durty Little Secrets, Spin Dizzy, and CounterWait warmed the room up this evening (in that order). Durty Little Secrets have added Darren Lazary as their second guitarist, now boasting dual leads along side Anthony Borges Caetano. Bonus-Extra-shredding!!! Spin Dizzy delivered a heavy set of crunching rock that reminded me a bit of Clutch, before CounterWait came on as direct support, delivering a set of material that owed a debt of gratitude to the mighty Pantera more than anything else. Their riff heavy performance was well-received.

Faster Pussycat Setlist:
Jack the Bastard
Slip of the Tongue
Number 1 With a Bullet
The Power and the Glory Hole
Shooting You Down
Don’t Change That Song
House of Pain
You’re So Vain (Carly Simon cover)
Bathroom Wall
Sin City (AC/DC) (lead vocals by Chad Stewart)
Bad Luck (Social Distortion) (lead vocals by Ace Von Johnson)
Pretty Fucked Up (Supersuckers cover) (lead vocals by Danny Nordahl)
Shut Up and Fuck (Betty Blowtorch cover)


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