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Pumping Metal: I Prevail Lead Guitarist Steve Menoian on Weights, Veganism and a Sustainable Lifestyle

Steve Menoian, lead guitarist for the The Detroit, MI-based hard-rocking, Fearless Records quartet that is I Prevail, shared with us how both weights and being a Vegan help him to maintain and enjoy his musical lifestyle.



The Detroit, MI-based hard-rocking quartet that is I Prevail will release their debut 13-track album Lifelines via Fearless Records on October 21st, 2016 (pre-order here). Loaded with a fantastic mix of melody and monstrous rifs, this is one group who will transcend genres and have fans from rock, metal and post-hardcore, etc. alike. With a busy schedule promoting the new music, we were lucky to get some time with lead guitarist Steve Menoian who shared with us how both weights and being a Vegan help him to maintain and enjoy his musical lifestyle.

Why and when did you got into fitness in the first place?
Menoian: I was big into sports growing up. I played football in high school and college. That lifestyle introduces you to weight training and overall fitness at a pretty young age. I’ve always enjoyed it and kept at it even after my playing days were over.

What about exercise, health and fitness makes you take it seriously?
Menoian: I’d have to say the way it makes me feel overall. I feel best after I’ve had a good workout and have eaten clean for the day. Looking good is a bonus as well. There’s definitely a connection to your look and overall confidence.

Weights, cardio, calisthenics, CrossFit, MMA… what’s your jam?
Menoian: Weights all day. I can go to the gym and lift for hours. Never was a big cardio guy. I just can’t do the treadmill, elliptical or anything like that. I try to get my cardio from being active all day. Going hard on stage every night is always good for some cardio!

Describe your weekly routine and/or an average workout for you?
Menoian: My routine isn’t anything crazy. I’m usually at the gym 5 days a week. I cycle through three different workouts. I’ll group together chest/shoulders, back/upper legs, and arms/calves. I try to do a pretty intense core workout every other day switching between weighted and bodyweight exercises.

What music gets you extra pumped when you’re exercising?
Menoian: I’m pretty all over the place but definitely lean towards the heavier side. Lately I’ve been jamming Stick to Your Guns, My Ticket Home and Islander.

Do you ever listen to your own band’s music when working out?
Menoian: I have. People tell us that they work out to our music all the time. I had to test it out for myself!

Being a touring musician, how do you stay fit on the road?
Menoian: I try to find as much consistency as I can. I use a big chain gym on the road so I’m usually only a quick Uber ride away. I try to go around the same time every day and really commit to the routine. I also make sure I’m stocking up on healthy food at least a couple times a week. We usually park at a big chain retail store with a grocery section on off-days. It’s easy to get into bad eating habits on the road. Have to make sure you have healthy food around when you’re hungry.

Some people go Vegetarian and Vegan while others slam steaks, whole poultry farms, and a kitchen sink in regimented 6-meal sittings. Where does your diet sit?
Menoian: I’m 100% vegan… have been for about 2 and a half years now. I’ve never felt better. I’m of the opinion that natural, plant-based foods are what we’re supposed to be eating. I don’t count meals or calories. I eat until I’m full. When consuming only fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, etc., I’m of the opinion that you can eat as much as you can handle!

Supplements, yay or nay, and why/why not?
Menoian: I take a pre-workout supplement for the energy and a post-workout protein supplement (vegan) to help recover. That’s about it!

Morning, noon, evening, night… when do you like to exercise? Does it even matter?
Menoian: When I’m on the road, it’s usually in the afternoon (which is when we wake up most days so I guess you could call that morning. Haha). When I’m at home, I’m an early morning gym goer. That’s how I always did it growing up so I think it just stuck with me.

How do you find your healthy lifestyle impacts your music and/or live performance?
Menoian: We’re a high-energy live band so I have to be in good shape to move around with intensity for an hour every night on stage. As a creator and performer, staying fit and healthy is critical in my opinion. It drives everything you do and will prolong a career if done right.

Have you ever tried steroids?
Menoian: Nope, never have. I really just like to live healthy. Not trying to be a bodybuilder or anything. It’s all about feeling good and living a sustainable lifestyle.

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