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Released on March 18th in the USA, the EP A New Life is the HOT new release from Mother, a fucking rad new alternative hard rock quartet from New York City. Loaded with grooves and wicked, hard-hitting riffs, this album is not one to miss. Recently we manage to catch some time via email with lead guitarist Mike Gowen and bassist Johnny to ask them about some of the key gear used on this release. Read on to find out more!

Dude… you need to hear this group; they’re hilarious but also fucking rad! Adelaide, Australia is home to Love Cream, a gnarly rock band inspired by the sweet sounds of the 70’s, 80’s, glam and blues rock. This quartet of young musicians waste no time winning you over with their sexually-charged lyrics and music. Sure it lean way from “serious” towards the fun side, but after all, isn’t that what rock music is supposed to be, fun? We chatted with lead guitarist Nick Robinson to discern what gear was key when recording the band’s debut, First Taste.

Post-hardcore phenoms Chiodos are back at it! Recently signed to Razor & Tie, a label renowned for its killer roster and stellar recordings, and who are set to release this sextet’s new album, Devil, on April 1st, 2014. With a large North American tour (see all dates and buy tickets here) lined up, we wanted to chat with the band and learn more about this new effort. Thankfully we snagged some time with Chiodos lead guitarist and back vocalist (and frontman for The Fall Of Troy) Thomas Erak to learn more about the gear he holds dear!

Budapest, the capital and largest city of Hungary, happens to also be home to a five-piece metal band with an equally impressive and large sound, Omega Diatribe. Currently promoting their 10 track full-length album, IAPETUS, which dropped on October 21st of 2013, the band meld elements of groove, math, and psychedelic to form music that just begs to be heard. We caught up with lead guitarist Gergő Hájer to ask about his Agile 727 Septor Custom guitar and how if impacted the band’s latest release.

Rick Scythe has been playing blackened death metal and thrash metal for quite some time now as part of the band Usurper. When Usurper broke up, Rick continued to play music and eventually formed the aptly named Scythe. Scythe, while not too far removed from Usurper, is still its own beast with heavy, crushing songs and an old-school vibe. The band recently released the album Beware The Scythe which can be streamed in its entirety below. Here’s how my chat with Rick went.