Jordon Ronan and Tim Fogg, who hail from Blacksburg, Virginia, make up the acoustic emo/pop duo known as, belated.. While the two are relatively new to the music scene their sound by no means has a rookie quality. In fact, the twosome have drawn comparisons to the likes of Dashboard Confessional and This Wild Life, but, I’d encourage the listener to formulate their own opinion.

Myself, I am not really into the emo-driven sounds, but I am a sucker for harmonizing melodies, and the vocals the two possess I dig big-time! Their debut EP, blame in on bad timing, features three melodic-driven tunes that are likable. Nothing really reinvents the wheel on their first helping of music, but, the two are highly talented and I believe, with time, belated. will grow into their own and garner a solid fan base.

blame in on bad timing Track Listing:

01. Warm Body
02. Forgetting
03. Remembering

Run Time: 10:82
Released: July 12, 2016

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