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DENOUNCEMENT PYRE Stream Title Track “Black Sun Unbound”; Album Due For Release on July 22nd.

Australian black metal band Denouncement Pyre have posted the title track to their upcoming new album, Black Sun Unbound online. Check it out here…



Down Under elite Denouncement Pyre are streaming a new track from their upcoming album, Black Sun Unbound online now. The song is the title track to the band’s highly anticipated third album, Black Sun Unbound, set for international release on July 22nd via Hells Headbangers.

A band statement reads: “Black Sun Unbound is the most challenging album we have created so far, and we have certainly ventured further into the inner darkness with the new material, through a long and demanding creative process. The writing and recording of this album involved a lot of experimentation, and we have seen a vast range of ideas included, more so than past releases; it is a different album to the first two. Expect new doors to be unlocked and old gods to be awakened!”

Black Sun Unbound Track Listing:

01. Abnegate
02. Deathless Dreaming
03. Wounds of Golgotha
04. World Encircler
05. Scars Adorn the Whore in Red
06. Black Sun Unbound
07. Revere the Pyre
08. Witness
09. Transform the Aether
10. Sophrosune

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