Listening to Diseased Deity by Voros, I’ve checked upwards of twenty times whether my music player had somehow turned on Meshuggah. Now I’d be a hypocrite if I said that band worship is a bad thing. My own band sounds so much like Daughters it says it on our band page. The important thing is, if you’re going to sound like a band, you do it well.

Fortunately for Voros, this group does indeed do it well. They sound like they’re having a lot of fun, without singing about booze and partying the whole time. On the flip side, they’re serious enough without it being a dour and demure affair. In fact, Voros skirts that line almost effortlessly, the perfect approach to putting something on at your next metal house party. It’s all well-produced and it’s all cohesive, a great album for fans of tech metal.

The only key differences I can see in this record between Voros and Meshuggah, however, are the deeper growls and much more straightforward approach to tech metal. This is the band you listen to when you’ve exhausted Meshuggah’s discography. Not that that’s a bad thing: this is a group who are willing to take what one band does and craft a well-considered release out of the things that they do well. I just wish they’d gone on to experiment with the formula to accomplish something other than an excellent homage to their spirit band.

Track Listing:

01. Thief Of Fire
02. Feasting On The Flesh Of The Elders
03. Impetus Of Misery
04. Devilment
05. Sea Of Dead Trees
06. Diseased Deity
07. Futility Of The Human Endeavour
08. Hands Of Hell
09. Cerebral Plexation

Run Time: 52:29
Release Date: September 04, 2015

Check out the song “Sea Of Dead Trees” here.