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Album Review

Modern Space – ‘Before Sunrise’ [Album Review]



Warner Music Canada

 by Erin Donnelly


After listening to the debut album by Modern Space, titled Before Sunrise, many things are apparent, the most important of which is that you won’t want to listen to it only once. I happily played it on repeat while deciding how to start this review. If you’re into indie/ alternative music, then this release will be right up your alley. If you’re also from Toronto, like myself, you will be proud of another incredible band that has come out of this talented city.


Firstly, band members Sean Watson Graham, as the lead vocalist, guitarists Sam Arion and Alex Laurie, bassist Cody Steele, and drummer Tay Ewart, should all be recognized for their skill and technique throughout this album.


I knew right away they had exceptional talent from the second “Rule Brittania” began playing as the first song on the album. They have created the kind of tunes that make you want to get up and dance, and maybe sing along despite that you might not yet be sure of the words. You may even take a moment to think about that special someone when you listen to “Carpet Diamonds” or “Little Lies”, the last two songs of the seven-song album.


Before Sunrise displays the band’s diversity from the first song to the last, and provides the kind of variation that listeners love to hear. As Graham emotes about life on the open road, he allows you to envision the adventure that he’s thinking about while singing. When a band can take their combined feelings and emotions and effectively share them with their listeners, they have already become successful. The instrumental variation is another great feature about this band. When you listen to the intro and chorus of the third track, “Only a Dream”, you can hear a trumpet making itself known and its fantastic little surprise.


Speaking of instruments and the vocals, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the killer instrument known as Sean Watson Graham voice.  He’s got a hell of a raw and powerful voice, which allows him to scream out the lyrics with love, and man can you can feel that love!  But he isn’t the only musician to make up this incredible group, as the collective effort of these talented boys have brought together a great album.


Luckily for listeners, 2016 is about to hear a lot more from Modern Space, as they will be touring across Canada and opening for The Arkells during the first two months of the tour.


Be sure to check out “Pen to Paper”, “Festival Express”, and “Last time” as well on the album. If I haven’t convinced you enough yet, then do so for yourself and don’t miss out on Before Sunrise, due out January 22nd, because Modern Space is about to get a lot bigger!