I have long since been a fan of folk metal; something about the combination of indigenous instrumentation with crunchy, balls-out metal and growling vocals really appeals to me. Naturally I’ve spent a lot of time listening to bands like Korpiklaani and Ensiferum, but new ones are always welcome. But Mongolian folk metal? I had no idea that was a thing… there are bangers around the globe, sure, so why not Asian folk metal?

From the very first measure of the disc opener, “Tengger Cavalry,” this album grabbed me by the throat and forced me to pay attention by violently feeding me thundering rhythms and razor-sharp riffs all skillfully mixed with fiddle, frame drum, and shaman bells. This is a freaking unbelievable record (especially for folk metal fans like myself) and it will make you want to dive into the mosh pit while simultaneously conjuring up images of the Far East.

I know the concept may sound strange, but I assure you this is a molten slab of metal. Just take a listen to “Соёмбо” (“Hymn of The Mongolian Totem”) and, if you are anything like me, I guarantee you will be immediately hooked. This disc instantly made its way into my regular rotation and I highly suggest anyone reading this give these guys, and their Mongolian folk metal, a shot.

Track Listing:

01. Соёмбо (Hymn of The Mongolian Totem)
02. Tengger Cavalry
03. Horseman
04. Rootless
05. The Wolf Ritual
06. The Native
07. Blood Sacrifice Shaman
08. Hero
09. Spirits
10. Tengger Cavalry (2009)
11. Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2009)

Run Time: 36:57
Release Date: May 18, 2015

Check out the song “Horseman” here.