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Francisco The Man – Loose Ends – Album Review



By Pia Cabrera

LA-based band Francisco The Man has been touring non-stop so far this year, in support of their debut album, Loose Ends.

Since their long hiatus of seven years, they joined together to create an album full of danceable forms of rock tracks. The album allows listeners to lose themselves in the dream-pop sound, where the vocals act as another texture or instrument, transforming dream imagery into sounds.

The album is a mixture of synth-music, shoegazer, and indie pop-rock tracks. With each song, more and more honesty permeates through the lyrics. In tracks like “You and I”, “In My Dreams” and “It’s True It’s You”, they engage in relaxed bass stretches and vocals, powerful and graceful to listen to.


The catchy drums with a hint of buzz guitar make the songs enjoyable while being artistic and demonstrating the band’s instrumental origins. In tracks like “I Used to Feel Fine” you can get into the 80’s rock vibe with slow yet powerful drums and guitar in the intro, leading to amazing guitar solos throughout the song. In more pop-rock tracks like “In the Corners” and “Big Ideas” the mash-up of vocals and instrumentals result in mesmerizing and upbeat catchy tracks.

Francisco the Man premiered the music video for the track “Progress” with a creative and impressive way of demonstrating who they are. The music video is a day in the life of the band, including some funny moments and faces with the effect of speed and slow motion.

This band’s album is full of creativity from the lyrics and vocals to the instruments and music video. You can’t help but get into a trance and daydreaming while listening to every track on the album.

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