Tech N’ Roll is the debut release from Seek Irony, an Israeli modern rock band that now calls Texas home. This disc is interesting and sees the quintet carve out their own sound that mixes elements of nu-metal, industrial, and hard rock, resulting in a record that is both undeniably catchy and easily accessible. Razor-sharp riffs are fused with a fair amount of electronica creating a unique, driving rock sound with hints of Filter, Nine Inch Nails, and Korn.

Tech N’ Roll is yet another release which seems to get better as it progresses. It begins with “The Devil In Me” and “Head Above Water” which , while decent songs, did not really stand out or get my blood pumping; they just kind of fell flat. That changes, however, with “Low” which has a killer distorted riff and catchy chorus. The song is simultaneously heavy and danceable, hence the Nine Inch Nails comparison earlier on.

Other standout tracks are “She” and “Skin2Skin”, both of which are a bit edgier and heavier. Sure, not every track worked for me, but when they did, they worked in a big way. All in all Tech N’ Roll is a decent record with numerous differing elements mixed into the Seek Irony sound which make it an enjoyable listen.

Track Listing:

01. She
02. Tech “N” Roll
03. Devil In Me
04. Skin2Skin
05. When You Lie
06. Running Towards The End Of The World
07. Low
08. Peel Me Away
09. Ravelution (Push)
10. Tragically Driven
11. Head Above Water

Run Time: 45:35
Release Date: February 3, 2015

Check out the song “Devil In Me”.