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North Seasons – “Eyes For The Blind” [EP] [Album Review]

UK melodic hardcore outfit North Seasons make a bold statement by promising to breathe life into the scene so does their new EP match their big ideas?



UK melodic hardcore outfit North Seasons make quite a bold statement by promising to “breathe live into a tired scene,” so does their new mini-album Eyes For The Blind match their well meaning ideas? Well, judging by the interest in the first single “Silhouettes,” and a few listens to the seven track disc, I have to admit that the hardcore outfit are certainly worth your attention if your ears are a little tired of the melodic hardcore scene.

Similar at times to fellow UK melodic hardcore chaps Heart In Hand, songs like “A New World Order” are throaty, brash anthems that drip with emotion. None more so than the melodic, passionate “Good News,” a track where the quintet puncture their instrument thrashing outbursts with the sort of big sounding passages that could, given the right exposure, really win over a lot of people.

In fact, the more I listen to this mini-album the more I have to say that, while some bands never really produce the material to back up the promises they make in press releases, North Seasons show their big ideas are easily matched by some impressive anthemic hardcore.

Track Listing:

01. ….
02. Silhouttes
03. A New World Order
04. Bitter
05. Good News
06. Never Forget This
07. Eyes For The Blind

Run Time: 24:02
Release Date: January 20, 2015

Check out the song “Silhouettes “

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