The Skinny: When scantly clad chicks assemble in one place for one night, screeching metal tunes for hours, you’ll often see me, photo pass around my neck… camera in my hands… and a smile on my face. Revolver’s “Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock” tour kicked off in North Carolina on February 20th, but on the 24th yours truly was at Irving plaza to capture the action. Headliners were Sick Puppies, but it seemed like most of the crowd was there for Italian metal band, Lacuna Coil, with their super-hot front woman, Cristina Scabbia. Many fans also showed up early to get a taste of newcomers Cilver, a solid act lead by beaut Uliana Cilver. Long Island-based band Charetta hit the stage early and opened things up with a quick but tight set while Phoenix, AZ-based Eyes Set to Kill… well… killed it!