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We are happy to be offering up to you our latest free download, this one for Architects of a Broken Design’s track “A Mask of Hell.” This Philadelphia band has been around now since 2003 and play a brand of intricate thrash metal. From Summer 2003 through 2007, the group played only select shows, but after numerous lineup changes, things came to a halt after about four years together.

A few years later in 2010, vocalist Jon Costello and instrumentalist William Sullivan reconnected with each other in New York City and the band started back up again. What followed was the recording of Architects of a Broken Design’s debut record The Great Reflection for Sullivan’s start up record label Wreckin’ Joint Productions. Sullivan and Costello are back collaborating again and the result is the recording of another Architects album with tracking set to begin in October. This new song “A Mask of Hell” is pretty indicative of the direction the new songs will be heading in. If this is any indication of what it will sound like, then we are in for a thrashy treat!