Black Soul Choir is the sophomore release from the Norwegian metal act Wolves Like Us and I must admit, I was slightly surprised by what heard when I sat down to listen to this record. Judging by the band name and title alone I was expecting an extreme metal onslaught, but I could not have been more wrong. Black Soul Choir is a surprising mix of fuzzy hard rock and metal with tons of melodic overtones.

Wolves Like Us rise above the mediocrity that plagues modern rock bands by writing multi-dimensional tunes that are as heavy as they are groove-laden resulting in, I feel, much more listenable and enjoyable music. Take for instance the song “Your Word Is Law” which opens with a groovy hypnotic bass and drum intro that ramps up into what can be considered the best song on the disc; it is heavy, but has substance and more importantly, groove.

Another song worth mentioning is “Dig With Your Hands”, a heavy, powerful slow burning number that, much like the album in general, really gets up under your skin. All in all Black Soul Choir is a good solid album and one I’ll be revisiting frequently.

Track Listing:

01. Days Of Ignorance
02. Three Positions
03. I Don’t Need To Be Forgiven
04. A Wish Of Fools
05. When Will We Ever Sleep
06. Your Word Is Law
07. Dig With Your Hands
08. Lovescared
09. Under
10. We Were Blood
11. Thanatos Wins Again

Run Time: 41:54
Release Date: March 4, 2014

Check out the song “I Don’t Need To Be Forgiven”