Sleepy Sun’s fourth album Maui Tears is an assured deliverance of psych-rock; fuzzed and elasticized into epic, tangible landscapes that hook and pull and lift as they simmer for three quarters of an hour. It’s stoner-rock, power-pop, and stadium rock, but it’s never misguided.

Bret Constantino croons in a sunny Perry Farrell wail that directs the catchiest moments of the record – see the driven hooks of “Words” – and at the grandest of times slices off onto space-rock vocal tangents. But the real soul of this album is in the melodic, empathetic fuzz of the guitar tones. The riffs of Evan Reiss and Matt Holliman give the album its sepia tone haze and its dissonant accents, whilst carving the sonic paths that captivate for all nine songs from this Californian quintet.

The album never truly grips you, it never coerces or begs for attention, yet its subtle moodiness is always present. Filling a room like sunlight through smoke; it flows and dances along a felicitous journey that is Maui Tears.

Track Listing:

01. The Lane
02. Words
03. Everywhere Waltz
04. Outside
05. 11:32
06. Theilbar
07. Slowdown
08. Galaxy Punk
09. Maui Tears

Run Time: 46.25
Release Date: January 28, 2014

Check out the song “The Lane”