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If you’re into metal or progressive hardcore music, then you’ll absolutely want to give a few listens to this free download of Contractors’ track “Rose With Thorns.” Contractors are a brand new band, having only formed at the end of 2012, who hail from Smolensk, Russia, a small city located about 220 miles Southwest of Moscow. The group got their start when three of the five members of the band Voltage left for personal reasons.

Looking to form a new band, the former Voltage members, guitarist Mike and bassist Vitaly started searching for a new vocalist. They soon found Dmitriy Khrapovitsky and started recording new music with him. These collaborative efforts turned into a full EP, but to actually get a band going they needed to add a couple of new members. In March, 2013 they found a second guitarist, Dos, and drummer Nokolay. Currently, Contractors is playing some local shows, trying to get on some festivals in and around Russia. They are also planning an Autumn tour of Europe.