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Deterrence has unveiled their latest new song, “Fought For Thoughts,” available here as an exclusive free download! This is a band that brings new meaning to “self-sufficient” or “do-it-yourself.” The heavy metal/hardcore band from Hamilton, Ontario has made a name for themselves throughout their hometown as well as throughout the United States. The band has brought its intense live show to the West coast, East coast, Midwest and throughout the New England area in addition to Ontario and Quebec. They have been on the road consistently since 2009, doing it all on their own and all the while getting their music out to as many people as possible.

This year Deterrence has released their newest EP entitled Good Luck Hate, a heavy, fast, unique, and catchy work of musicianship. The first single “You Are Worthless and Weak” has already seen well over a thousand YouTube hits. The group is currently searching for a label and management team to help take them to that next level that they are certain to reach eventually. With the band’s work ethic and talent, it is only a matter of time before you’re hearing the word “Deterrence” a lot more often!