The Skinny: Hung are back this week with a brand new track from their forthcoming self-titled debut. Check out “Progeny” below now. Hung violinist Lyris Hung had this to say about the song: “The song ‘Progeny’ is one of Hung’s most sonically diverse pieces, and one that shows off some of our most lyrical material. It’s one of my personal favorites because it travels through many different musical landscapes… My approach to the violin lines are more traditional in a violinistic way, allowing the instrument to take a lot of sweeping parts above the rest of the band and even the rhythm violin parts tend to be integrated with melody.”

Hung’s debut self-titled record will be released May 8th 2012 by ReThink Records, the new label founded by Chris Adler (Lamb of God) and The End Records. The album features 10 tracks engineered and produced by Andy Abel and Lyris Hung at Abel Studios in Connecticut, with vocals tracked and produced by Ryan Kelly at MSR Studios and Nova Studios in New York City.