Our Lady Peace founder and lead singer Raine Maida says “‘As Fast As You Can’ borrows from the early age of jazz where it was thought of as having a voodoo type effect on women. It’s about losing yourself or escaping through the music. We wanted this song to feel strangely optimistic.”

Curve was recorded in Toronto and at Maida’s L.A. home studio with co-producer Jason Lader (Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems,’ Mars Volta, Julian Casablancas, Rilo Kiley, Elvis Costello, Noah And the Whale), “Jason and I had a very frank discussion about the early recordings for Curve before he came in,” says Maida. “He asked why we weren’t making a record that we’d like to listen to ourselves. That was our impetus for abandoning what we started, bringing in Jason and truly challenging ourselves to come up with something more authentic and inspired. He helped us operate without the filter predicated by walking the major label tightrope.”