In 2011 the horror inspired Dawn Of Ashes, invited fans to decide on two tracks for the band to re-recorded. The fans spoke out and helped to choose both “Carnal Consummation In The Empty Space” and “Seething The Flesh In The River Ov Phlegethon”. In 2012 DOA released their digital-only EP Farewell To The Flesh which held remixes of these two songs; mixed by Falling Skies, Die Sektor, To Mega Therion, The Juggernaut and the groups very own K. Bathory. The five tracks each have a gothic industrial/electronic sound to them, mixed DOA’s original black metal vibe.

To round out the EP three new songs, “Farewell To The Flesh”, “Torture Device Part 2” and “Blood-Shed With The 3rd Eye (Instrumental)”, were included and are exactly what fans expect from Dawn Of Ashes – intense metal that will explode the listener’s ear drums! Could these new songs be a taste of a new full length? Farewell To The Flesh is a download all DOA fans should buy.

Track Listing:

01. Farewell To The Flesh
02. Transformation Within Fictional Mutation (K. Bathory Mix)
03. Carnal Consummation In The Empty Space (Falling Skies Mix)
04. Carnal Consummation In The Empty Space (Die Sektor Mix)
05. Carnal Consummation In The Empty Space (To Mega Therion Mix)
06. Seething The Flesh In The River Ov Phlegethon (The Juggernaut Mix)
07. Torture Device Part 2
08. Blood-Shed With The 3rd Eye (Instrumental)

Run Time: 35:56
Release Date: February 14, 2012

Check out the song: “Farewell To The Flesh”