As Hell Retreats’ new technical death metal masterpiece, ‘Volition’, has been released today, so be sure to get your copy! The album is available for purchase in-stores at FYE for $11.99, as well as online at Best Buy ($12.99), Merch Connection ($10), and Amazon ($12.63)!

In addition to the release of ‘Volition’, today also brings the Metal Injection premiere of As Hell Retreats’ music video, “Matriarch”! The concept of the new video was inspired by front-man Jackson Greene’s personal struggle with the loss of his mother, and his quest for truth through suffering. To watch “Matriarch”, head HERE!

“”Matriarch” begins with a young man trying to catch up to a seemingly younger version of his mother-but she’s always out of reach. While he runs after her through a field that leads into the woods, she walks a calm pace and looks back at him as if she’s leading him to something. He continues to chase her until he reaches a large tree that has fallen over in the woods. All of the sudden, the girl disappears. The young man looks over the fallen tree to find an old wooden chest where he last saw the girl. He opens the chest and finds a picture of himself and his mother from when he was a child, as well as other childhood items. The last shot shows the girl disappearing into the chest and then she is gone forever.”

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