The Latest Fashion is the sophomore effort from the Wales based rock band, Attack! Attack! UK. As with the band’s previous album, The Latest Fashion is loaded with plenty of melodies, riffs, hooks, exceptional bass lines and slamming drums.

Unlike their debut though, which I thought was a fantastic mix of aggressive pop influenced punk, The Latest Fashion is more of a straight ahead rock and roll affair. The songs are still super-catchy and without exception I feel they all have a more mature feel to them. I really like the new direction the band has taken as I feel there are too many pop/punk bands already on the scene as it is.

Attack Attack! UK have not necessarily created anything new and groundbreaking, but they’ve put together what I feel is a very solid and extremely enjoyable CD that really busts the so called sophomore slump.

Track Listing:

01. Everybody Knows
02. No Excuses
03. My Shoes
04. Blood On My Hands
05. Seen Me Lately
06. Latest Fashion
07. Nemesis
08. Best Mistake
09. We’re Not The Enemy
10. Not Afraid
11. No Tomorrow

Run Time: 36:22
Release Date: June 21, 2011

Check out the song: “Blood On My Hands”