In early 2009 many of the original members of Knights Of The Abyss bailed to finish school, leaving some vacancies in the band. Instead of taking the easy way out and breaking up, guitarist Nick Florence found four new members to enter the fold. Funny thing though, if you look in the CD booklet of their new release, Nick, the band’s founder, is not listed as a member.

Before giving this disc a listen, take the time to appreciate the artwork; it will jump out at you. The illustrations were done by Black Arts Design. When you look at the cover you’ll see a lone woman with a cloaked wolves head, but upon opening the booklet you’ll find a large 8 panel spread. This image shows Baphomet, wizards and wolves. At the base of their feet is a naked woman, lying on stone, covered in hieroglyphics. It is a well created, deviant piece of art.

After ingesting the cool art, it’s time to enjoy the music. As soon as you press play you’ll hear some chaotic guitar sweeps which lead into the crazy death metal sound of Knights Of The Abyss. Full of blast beats and powerful guitar licks, the band pulls out every technique that can be found in the genera. Unlike their past projects, they have gotten away from their breakdowns, thus distinguishing themselves from other death metal bands.

Culling Of Wolves is one for the North American death metal books; it is an unusual album for this part of the world. Fans of Job For A Cowboy, Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder and Dimmu Borgir will want to check out Knights Of The Abyss for more hair wind-milling music.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The House Of Crimson Coin
02. Pandemic
03. Dead To Reform
04. Deceiver’s Creed
05. Slave Nation
06. Cremation Of Care
07. Flight Of Molech
08. Council Of Wolves
09. Swine Of The Holy Order
10. Den Of The Deceived
11. The Culling

Run Time: 37:58
Release Date: 08.16.2010