Aldo Erdic is proud to premiere his documentary ‘Circa 1977: The Diodes’ (Bongo Beat Films/ToBeScene Productions) at this year’s North by Northeast Film Festival on Thursday, June 17th, 3pm, at the National Film Board Theatre. Formed in October 1976, The Diodes were one of Canada’s first punk bands who, in the span of one year, opened Toronto’s first punk club, became the first Canadian punk band to sign with a major label and had their debut album released before the Sex Pistols and other first wave UK punk bands.

The Crash ‘n’ Burn club they opened helped inspire new bands to form and catalyzed an explosive local punk scene that proved to be of the same caliber as the early New York and U.K. scenes. However, by 1981, the band was worn down by an indifferent Canadian music industry, a worsening economy and a lack of touring venues. The film follows the re-union of the original 1977 Diodes as they prepare for their first gig in 30 years at North by Northeast Festival 2007, interspersed with vintage interviews from 1977 and footage of the band and their punk club, Crash ‘n’ Burn.

Screening Details:

“Circa 1977: The Diodes”
Directed by Aldo Erdic
A Bongo Beat Films/ToBeScene Production
Running Time: 28 minutes
Thursday, June 17th @ NFB Theatre
3pm EST

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