BrokeNCYDE is a band that requires an acquired taste. Consisting of a unique mixture of screamo and crunk, this band’s genre is fairly new, crunkcore. Attending Vans Warped Tour 2009, I got a chance to sit down with vocalist & hypeman Mikl in an attempt to uncover exactly what the band is trying to do.

So how’s the tour going for you guys so far?
Mikl: Going amazing. Really fun.

Have you guys made any new friends?
Mikl: Yeah we’ve met some new people, and some people that didn’t really like us at first.

About how much time do you spend with your fans?
Mikl: As much time as we can. We usually perform, and then sign two to three hours, and then we hang out a little bit after. It’s quite a while.

Is stage performance still a top priority, even in the hot weather?
Mikl: It’s our main priority; is giving it our all still. Even though it’s hot, we still gotta give every ounce of sweat for our fans.

Do you draw any adrenaline from the crowd’s movements?
Mikl: Oh yeah. Everybody does. We feed off of the crowd.

What were you trying to do when you combined two such diverse genres?
Mikl: Just to be different, and to try and start something new.

How did the idea of that mixture come to be?
Mikl: We wanted to bring something new. To bring a new genre, you know, everything kind of sounded the same to us.

Why did you guys wait a year to put your music up on MySpace?
Mikl: We didn’t know what we were doing, you know, figuring things out. And we had normal lives at the time.

Was it unexpected when your music blew up?
Mikl: yeah. It’s a good feeling.

Why is the ‘NCyde’ in your name capitalized?
Mikl: It’s supposed to be ‘Broke Inside.’ Like you’re broke inside.

What are you hoping to accomplish after Warped Tour?
Mikl: Just keep getting our fanbase bigger and bigger, and keeping our family as strong as we can.  [ END ]