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Album Review


Mind Control (08.04.2009)



Mind Control is the latest release from the band Tantric. This is the bands fourth CD and while the band has not changed their formula all that much from their previous releases their growth as songwriters and musicians is at once apparent. Tantric’s previous release, The End Begins, charted on the Billboard Active Rock Singles and there is a good chance that this CD will garner at least one appearance on the same chart.

As can be expected Mind Control is heavy, melodic and commercial. Just about every track is hook laden and should easily translate to modern rock radio stations as well as to a live setting. “Fall To The Ground,” might be my favorite track on the disc. It starts with a cool riff that quickly morphs into an infectious metal groove and is guaranteed to get you up and out of your seat in no time at all.

Most of the tunes on this disc are quite good, but the ones I feel are worth notable mention are the heavier “Coming Undone” and “Kick Back,” as well as the more commercial radio friendly “What Are We Waiting For.” The only tune I just did not get is “Intermezzo,” a slightly odd, slightly eclectic instrumental tune that seems a bit out of place to me and I feel, in the grand scheme of things, interrupts the flow of the disc.

Beyond that Mind Control is a very solid disc chock full of first-class songs, that seem to get better the more you listen them. Truth be told this is a first class record from a band that seems to get better with each release.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Mind Control
02. Fall To The Ground
03. Coming Undone
04. Desert Me
05. The Past Is The Past
06. Kick Back
07. Intermezzo
08. Run Out
09. Walk Away
10. What Are You Waiting For
11. Let’s Start
12. Guiding Me

Run Time: 35:18