Good ol’ Tim Wakefield, with his mean knuckleball, has been a staple of the Boston Red Sox’ pitching rotation for well over a decade. Why have they kept him around when most of his pitches range between 55-69 mph? Because, though they’re slow, they’re steady, consistent, and are surprisingly effective at throwing off major league hitters. Done right, a slow, stripped down record that doesn’t offer too much fluctuation can offer a quality listening experience – so long as there’s that little extra spin that keeps things effective.

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m trying to draw an overly-forced and all-too-familiar comparison of Tim Wakefield and Portland sons Blind Pilot. With 3 Rounds And A Sound, the band offers up a familiar folk-inspired indie pop sound, but one that’s rarely carried out so consistently well. These 11 tracks, considering their simple chordal constructions, are mainly driven by subtle vocal melodies and some multi-instrumental passages. The horns added throughout offer a nice latin-type tinge to several tracks, though it’s the vocals and their variance that offer the most intrigue. Often times, there’s a dual-layered vocal lead employed for emphasis along with some group tracks that really let their tracks take off.

The record is slow, so its ideal times for playability are few, but should one arise, you’ll be strummed into sweet sedation by 3 Rounds And A Sound. Still, this is an easygoing pop record with a nice, warm feel that’ll turn your treble-topped iPod and turn it into a toasty vintage turntable. Some standout tracks are “The Story I Heard,” “Oviedo,” and “Go On, Say It.” Wakefield’s still going strong with that one pitch – Blind Pilot is poised to stay in the rotation for awhile, too.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Oviedo
02. The Story I Heard
03. Paint Or Pollen
04. Poor Boy
05. One Red Thread
06. Go On, Say It
07. Two Towns From Me
08. I Buried A Bone
09. Things I Cannot Recall
10. The Bitter End
11. 3 Rounds And A Sound

Run Time: 40:43