The Onslaught is the debut release from the Wisconsin based thrash band Lazarus A.D. and it is a fast and furious and all out work of Thrash Metal genius. This is a damn good record that will have you snapping you neck with reckless abandon in no time at all. Taking their influence from early thrash metal pioneers the guys in Lazarus A.D. have re-invigorated the genre by breathing fresh air into a scene has within the last year begun making a strong comeback.

This CD contains every thing one would expect from a solid thrash metal record; each song is built around a solid core of riffs and includes tons of speed and breakneck solos. Throw in some abrasive vocals and rapid fire drumming and The Onslaught quickly becomes the material metal dreams are made of.

As soon as I heard the first thirty seconds, I was sold on Lazarus A.D. Damn! I love this CD! It has been a while since a new band has hit the scene with such intensity. The Thrash genre of music is one of my personal favorites and The Onslaught is a record that represents the genre extremely well.

There are tons of highlights on this CD but the tracks that stand out to me as being exceptional are the opener “Last Breath and “Every Word Unheard.” Both of which I feel are classic thrash tunes that I just could not get enough of and had to listened to repeatedly.

I am also a sucker for well produced well-engineered CDs and from a production standpoint, The Onslaught fits the bill nicely, the guitar tones are fantastic, the drums are tight and punchy and the vocals are harsh and in your face.

The Onslaught is an excellent Thrash Metal record that every metal head will enjoy. Pick this one up, you will not be disappointed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Last Breath
02. Thou Shall Not Fear
03. Damnation For The Weak
04. Absolute Power
05. Revolution
06. Rebirth
07. Lust
08. Forged In Blood
09. Every Word Unheard
10. Who I really Am

Run Time: 43:16