The latest release from Idiot Pilot, Wolves is a combination of Alt-Rock and Indie rock with a few heavy, almost industrial moments and surprise twists thrown in for good measure. Wolves is not necessarily groundbreaking but it is a decent collection of songs designed to appeal to most fans of the previously mentioned genres of music. While there are lots of melodies and catchy choruses throughout the disc, the total package just seemed lackluster, I was looking for a lot more.

Indie music is certainly nothing new and Indie bands are a dime a dozen. I feel to stand out in the over-saturated genre the tunes must be exceptionally written. Such is not the case here on this disc, by the sixth or seventh track; the songs begin to blend into each other, never really going anywhere. Moreover, the odd placement of the industrial elements in tunes such as “Good Luck” and “Cruel World Enterprise” seem strange in the context of the whole disc.

Don’t get me wrong this disc is not a terrible, but to me it seems to be run of the mill with tunes that are not memorable at all. Even on songs such as the amped up and overdriven “Red Museum” and “Planted In The Dark” where the band breaks out of the box a bit by adding some screaming vocals interspersed throughout, things still just sort of flatten and stagnate.

Overall, I feel that Wolves as a whole is lackluster and uneventful.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Last Chance 1
02. Elephant
03. Retina In The Sky
04. In Record Shape
05. Good Luck
06. Cruel World Enterprise
07. Red Museum
08. Theme From The Pit
09. Planted In The Dark
10. Recurring Dream

Run Time: 43:16
Release Date: 02.12.2008