From the Throne to the Lions is the newest release from the Canadian band Holding Sky. This is the third release for the band and it can best be described as hard rock meets post-punk with a healthy dose of melodic rock thrown in for good measure.

Musically the band is very tight and the playing is very good, but the thing that stood out the most to me is the incredible passion and emotion that is evident in Tim Laidman’s vocals. Laidman wears his heart on his sleeve, conveying his words in such a strong way that they are almost palpable. I was drawn in to the songs and lyrics without even realizing it. Each tune is a mini-narrative of sorts covering a wide range of tragic events such as the death of a friend, an automobile crash and the effects of drug abuse on society.

While From the Throne to the Lions is a solid foundation of songs that are full of energy and dripping with emotion, the two tracks that stood out the most to me were “This Is Derailment” and “Don’t Forget To Remember Me”; both of which have a harder, edgier feel to them and have withstood repeated listening in my CD player.

On the down side, I know this is only an EP, but with only 24 minutes worth of music it left me wishing for more… hopefully there will be a longer release sometime in the near future.

I find it odd that Holding Sky has not been noticed on a grander scale because honestly, this is a good record from a band that has a passion for what they do (and they do it very well). Check these guys out, you will dig them.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Broken Bones and Flawed Features
02. Are You Not Entertained
03. If This Is Poison Then I’m Going Down
04. On Tidal Waves
05. This Is A Derailment
06. Don’t Forget To Remember Me
07. For The Sake Of Sound

Run Time: 24:18