Canadian post-hardcore band Drowning Shakespeare are back, and with a full-length album. Yes, I realize that this review is a tad bit late, but screw it, the album needed PRESS! This quintet is based out of Sydney, Nova Scotia, which is awesome just because of the quasi-remote are where they’re from.

The album is exactly what you would expect from these guys, if not even better than anticipated. Heavy, melodic, soft when appropriate, and all out kick-ass.

“Trampolines” is probably the most fun track on the album. It’s bouncy, yet heavy, which is an interesting concept, but these guys pulled it off. A great line is “It was your trampoline that bounced me in the wrong way”. Lines like that make songs even more epic. They’re version of a breakdown is a bit different from most post-hardcore bands, but it still gets the body moving nonetheless.

The title track, “Show Some Ambition, Kid”, is also a great track. It’s softer, displaying a different side of the band, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Chris’ vocals are very melodic, compared to Bob’s harsh, “metal-worthy” vocals. It was an interesting experience to hear acoustic in a Drowning Shakespeare track, but I do not regret it.

After seeing this guys live a year or so ago, I had wanted to review the album. I finally got my chance, and I’m glad I did. This one will be played extensively, and will most likely need replacing in 5 years or so.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. For All The Great Poets
02. Derek Wonder
03. Trampolines
04. Think Again, Doll
05. Under Lockdown
06. Eleven Eleven
07. Cheap Motels
08. The Meek
09. Some Are Wise, Some Are Otherwise
10. To Those In Glass Houses
11. Show Some Ambition, Kid

Run Time: 40:35