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Album Review

3 Mile Scream

A Prelude to Our Demise (2007)



Montreal’s 3 Mile Scream have been writing heavy music and playing it for people for around five years now, and after hearing their Corporate Punishment release A Prelude to Our Demise, I’m wondering why I’ve only just heard of them recently. This five-piece plays a brand of ferocious European-influenced metal that is familiar, yet surprisingly fresh.

Make no mistake about it; this band has some serious chops. The riffs are incredibly heavy, rooted mainly in the aforementioned European stream of metal, and yet the record also carries obvious hints of early thrash and some really dark undertones that add just the right flavour and ultimately elevate the albums appeal exponentially.

The band makes it apparent that while they’re not out to reinvent the wheel, they are out to make it… well, rounder I guess. What this record manages to do with the standard components of quality metal music is quite astonishing and noteworthy. By fusing some of the most brutal instrumentation I’ve heard in awhile with an obvious honesty and conviction, this record manages to put a stranglehold on its listener long enough for the band to showcase everything they’re capable of. And I can tell you after a few listens, they’re capable of a lot.

The into to “Mourning the Lost” immediately places the band in the listener’s face with some insane thrash drumming (the use of the double-kick pedal here is beyond impressive) that commands attention, while the chorus of “Dare to Question” wouldn’t be out of place on a pre-Colony In Flames release with its powerful sung vocals and a nicely arranged guitar line. But it’s “Our Blackened Sun” that really explores the full spectrum of brutally heavy music, with some riffs reminiscent even of Norma Jean’s first release. The track ends in a brutally submissive breakdown that would tickle the bladder of even the harshest critics.

This record is relentless in its attack, leaving anything that doesn’t scream ‘intense’ at the door with grandma. Fans of metal music in any of its pure forms should find this album a real treat. If they can pull some of this stuff off in a live setting, sign me up for their next gig!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Prelude
02. Mourning The Lost
03. Forced Entry
04. Our Blackened Sun
05. Dare To Question
06. Confession
07. Escape The Irony
08. What Once Was
09. Apathy
10. Crippled Nation
11. Repent

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