Winterfylleth is a band that has seen a sharp rise in its profile over the last couple of years; and 2012 was especially good to them. The band re-released the excellent album, Ghost of Heritage, and was featured in publications outside of the traditional underground black metal scene. As a result of the quality of the band’s previous outputs, expectations were high for The Threnody of Triumph. Would the band be able to deliver on their third full-length album? In a word, the answer is a resounding YES.

The Ghost of Heritage is a re-release of Winterfylleth’s debut album which originally came out a few years ago. Besides being remastered, the album also features two new tracks that were not on the original release. Now, as someone who had never heard the album before, I can’t tell original purchasers whether or not a re-purchase is necessary, but I can say to those of you who who haven’t that it is definitly worth buying.