On June 22nd, 2008, Hardcore legends Hatebreed stopped through Toronto, Canada while co-headlining on the Jagermeister Music Tour. The Opera House was abuzz with happy fans and our Stoked interviewer Mitch Brown caught up with the legend himself, Jamey Jasta. Jamey had just woken up to do this interview, but was surprisingly astute. Once underway, Jamey talked about Hatebreed as well as his various other bands, project, record label and much more. What’s funny about the interview is that Mitch didn’t seem to mind the random cord dangling in his face throughout the interview… Oh well, at least Jamey got a kick out of it.

08/08/08… what a date! 36 Crazyfists finally returned to Toronto, Canada and put on an extreme performance at Downsview Park for the 2008 Rockstar Mayhem Tour. In between sets, madness, and beers we caught up with 36 Crazyfists lead vocalist Brock Lindow, coincidentally, just steps away from the Slipknot, Disturbed, and Dragonforce dressing rooms. Despite the distractions, here’s what Brock had to say…

Rock and roll and politics just always seem to somehow mesh together and they do yet again on Filter’s latest album Anthems for the Damned. After a five year hiatus, Filter’s mastermind Richard Patrick has regrouped and put together a very solid rock and roll album that stretches towards social and political themes in a way we never knew possible of Filter in the past. In the years since Filter was a very significant player…

As is customary with BIG summer festivals, the Warped Tour made its appearance in Canada again this year! With a huge bill and a a long day of heavy rocking, PureGrain staff were able to meet up with Still Remains frontman T.J. Miller and find a quiet spot (onboard their shared tour bus) to talk about the tour itself, their new album The Serpent, their pending tour with Aiden, and some deep philosophical talk about… MUSIC!!!

On June 27th, in a windy alley outside of the dingy-but-fun venue known as the Reverb in Toronto, Canada, we had the pleasure of briefly chatting with The Red Chord’s frontman Guy Kozowyk. In the interview, Guy told us about the band’s new album Prey For Eyes, the lack of fights on tour, bus breakdowns (what else is new), new guitarists, and most importantly… the answer to the question, “whose toast is it?”

So on an unseasonably muggy Saturday on June 2nd, Toronto, Canada was host to the last stop of the radical Tour and Loathing tour. Just prior to the musical madness at the Opera House, we got the privilege of speaking with Threat Signal frontman Jon Howard in a small, grungy bar. PureGrainAudio’s Spencer Matulaitis spoke with Jon about all that is Threat Signal including; the band’s search for a guitarist, being Canadian, and most importantly… BEER!

36 Crazyfists’ frontman Brock Lindow looks out the window of his snow covered home and smiles. In addition to being back home in Alaska for the holidays, Lindow and 36 Crazyfists have finally put two years of record company politics and delays behind them. Furthermore, they also finally released their explosive third album, Rest Inside The Flames.

If you are a fan of metal at all, then by now you have heard (or at least heard of) Killswitch Engage. You might also have known that in 2003, shortly after recording their second full length album “Alive or Just Breathing”, due to personal reasons, then lead singer Jesse David made the decision to leave the band. This was a shock for the group and a difficult decision for Jesse…

Zack de la Rocha is an extremely talented and influential individual best known for his musical masterpieces created while still with his former band, Rage Against the Machine. The name of the band alone is, in some senses, a summation of Zack’s true character: a wildly rebellious man whose primary goal is to simultaneously push others to think for themselves and encourage social and political reform.